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The benefits of Microblading

Microblading is one of the most popular new trends for eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent makeup technique. Compared to other temporary and permanent makeup techniques for eyebrows like embroidery, brow gels, pencils etc. microblading has plenty of benefits. It makes eyebrow maintenance completely hassle-free. It is an investment which is worth it. The list of benefits is endless. Here we have listed a few advantages of opting for microblading:

A No-fuss Eyebrow Solution

By spending an hour or two, once to get microblading done, you save yourself from the hassle of spending time on eyebrow threading or plucking every few days and filling in with makeup every morning. They last for one to three years and require very few touch ups.

Natural Looking Brows for Those with a Skin Disease or Hair Loss Problem

The initial purpose of introducing microblading was to help cancer patients who suffered from eyebrows hair loss as a result of chemotherapy. It was introduced in Asia. Many years on, it is still helping many patients who suffer from hair loss due to diseases like alopecia and other skin conditions. It also comes to a rescue for those who have over plucked eyebrows. It restores confidence by giving you healthy and beautiful looking brows.

Almost Painless

During the first session of microblading, the technician applies a numbing cream on the brow area. Due to this, the client only feels a carving sensation during the process when the pigment is implanted under the skin. This means the whole process is virtually pain-free.

Over Time the Pigment Does Not Change Colour

Unlike conventional tattooing where the tattoo goes from black to green after a while, the pigment in microblading does not change colour. It is organic and has been created specifically so that it doesn’t lose its colour.

Immediate Results

As compared to eyebrow tattooing, microblading gives faster results. Immediately after having eyebrow tattooing, there is redness and it takes a while for it to go away and heal completely. Luckily, with Microblading, the results are much quicker. This means you can start looking great straight away. A touch up after a couple of weeks can further enhance your look.

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